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One Touch Telehealth

One Touch Telehealth is part of the One Touch Brands family of companies.

Email: carrie@onetouchtelehealth.com

Phone: 512-717-9820

Mailing Address: 4412 Spicewood Springs Road Ste. 700

Austin, TX 78759

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Telehealth Technology Platform Demo

What you can learn from a live demo of our telehealth technology:

  • How it works for a patient

  • How it works for a health practitioner

  • How you can implement in a larger health system

  • How easy it is to set up and train

  • Which channels are right for your needs

  • How it works without hardware or software

  • If optional hardware is right for you

  • Reimbursement, billing, and coding for your telehealth needs

  • Which practice areas are the right target (chronic care, behavioral health, emergency medicine, pharmacy, and many more)

Watch a short telehealth technology

Demo Video

Sign up for a live demo here:

“I think we’re living in an age that is certainly in many ways the undiscovered country of telehealth. Theres a lot of really exciting work going on in the… we’re potentially on the cusps of solving some of our healthcare woes.”

- Dr. Michael Gonzalez, Associate Medical Director | City of Houston, Houston Fire Department/EMS Division

Houston ETHAN Program Ambulatory Video Telehealth