Implementing Telehealth for Health Systems & Care Organizations

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How Does Telehealth Improve Patient Care?

Health systems can impact the value-based care system by taking a stand in telehealth to help improve proactive patient care. Whether you are a managed care organization, accountable care organization or a payer health system, you can directly impact patient outcomes while lowering healthcare costs. Adoption of telehealth has increased by 1400% over the last four years. Payers have realized the direct impact on the value of care, leading them to now promote it. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that telehealth and telemedicine services coverage will be expanding in 2020. 

With 45% of Millennials not having a primary care physician, this is driving higher usage of retail clinics and telehealth. With the increase in Baby Boomers wanting to age at home, the missing piece in home health is to extend the "last mile" to the home site. Patients on Medicaid historically use the emergency department as the first line of defense for healthcare.  

The value-based care system has to overcome obstacles such as transportation, work and school schedules that get in the way of patients making all type of doctor's appointments.  Implementing telehealth for your health system drives not only increases patient convenience, but it also drives lower costs both short and long term. 

Reduce Readmissions

Add telehealth to the discharge care plans to augment acute care and proactively manage high-risk patient outcomes. Increase access to care through our virtual video routing for instant healthcare help for escalating home health patient interactions.

Proactive Care for High Risk, Chronic, Non-Compliant Patients

Proactively manage high risk, chronic care and non-compliant patients with more touchpoints, check-ins with both caregivers and patients.

Last Mile of Remote Monitoring

With the increase in remote monitoring for chronic care patients, enable video telehealth for alerts and key indicators that need immediate interactions with a healthcare professional.

Greater Access to Population Health + Rural Areas

Connect health system provider networks and access to specialty providers to rural shortage areas. Reduce the barriers for patients that lack financial resources and/or transportation.

Types of Health Systems Using Telehealth


Accountable Care Organizations

To impact quality metrics and improve patient care, telehealth provides the ability to significantly decrease costs while improving health outcomes.


Managed Care Organizations

Managed care organizations can provide better care plans and operational efficiencies to connect provider to provider telehealth for better communications. With an increase in multiple chronic condition patients in the US, MCO's will need to better manage coordinated care through digital health experiences.


Federally Qualified Health Centers

Providing telehealth to rural health clinics, hospitals, and home health, can increase compliance, decrease costs/wait times while improving access to care.




As we move closer to 2020, an increasing number of health systems will find that promoting telehealth in their eco-system will result in near-immediate impacts. Patient satisfaction increases with telehealth, physician satisfaction increases with telehealth and health systems benefit on all sides. 

One of the ACO's main goals is to partner together and provide robust solutions that help and essentially save your communities from chronic illness and providing proactive care. Together we can tackle that objective and provide a telehealth solution that will work for your health system.

Request a demo of our telehealth solution. Our telehealth platform will aid in reducing wait times, improving quality of care, and improving the patient experience. With patients wanting instant gratification with everything at their fingertips you cannot afford to wait. Discover your telehealth platform today.

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