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One Touch Telehealth

One Touch Telehealth is part of the One Touch Brands family of companies.

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Benefits of Telehealth for Hospitals

What are the Advantages of Telehealth?

In a value-based care system hospitals are being penalized for readmission. It's time to extend proactive patient care beyond the hospital's four-wall approach. Consumers' demands for convenience and instant gratification have extended in how they select their healthcare providers.


Over the last five years, telehealth adoption has increased by 500%, and retail clinics continue to pop up in every grocery and pharmacy location. The significant positive changes in video telehealth billable code reimbursement is paving the way for telehealth to be a normal patient visit. Hospital administrators need to think about expanding their reach, appealing to younger demographics, reducing costs and patient retention/acquisition.

Extend the Reach

Extend the hours and reach of the four walls for hospitals to increase billable revenue with existing patients. Bypass the lost revenue from retail clinics and extend a virtual video ER.

Pre-Post Operational Efficiences

Impact the bottom line, while increasing the patient experience. Increase operational efficiencies by up to 25%.

Provider to Provider

Reduce physician fatigue in clinical rotations and on-call duty with the ability to remotely see patients instantly through the hospital's video telehealth platform. No medical carts or hardware needed.

Remote Monitoring + Home Health

Provide preventative monitoring and last mile instant video telehealth for high risk and chronic care patients upon discharge.

Telehealth Billable Codes

for Hospitals

"How do I get paid for telemedicine or telehealth services?" is a question routinely asked.


It's a hard question that is continually getting looked over and upgraded. Telehealth is a relatively new care method for a widening patient population.


The guidelines that govern telehealth reimbursement vary from state to state and payer to payer:

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Private payers


Its skepticism has come to a halt as more payers are adding additional codes and promoting the usage of telehealth.

Let's discuss what billable codes apply to you.

Telehealth Focused Hospital Platform

 Our telehealth platform will aid in reducing wait times/no show rates, improving the quality of care, and improving the patient experience. With consumers wanting instant gratification with everything at their fingertips the patient expectations for communication are greater. We promise our video telehealth platform is different from anyone you've seen before. No hardware, no software, no IT resources required. 2-click simplicity with the physician experience in mind. 

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- Jillian Bridgette Cohen, CEO | Virtual Health Partners 

Creating Engagement Through Virtual Care Mobile Apps