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With more seniors wanting to age at home, the load on local hospice agencies will continue to increase. In order to innovate hospice care for caregivers, palliative care technology is critical to creating increased satisfaction while reducing operational efficiencies. How can we improve the quality of life with faster response times? Historically, telehealth has been capital intrusive and hard to scale for in-home or facility healthcare. 

​Our 100% browser-based video telehealth solution for hospice allows your nurses, providers, and health systems to connect at patients' bedside. This can be done without purchasing expensive hardware or software. Innovative hospice care can improve your CAHPS scores, caregiver support and increase your margins. 

Change in Condition Anxiety

Connect caregivers to nurses and case managers instantly bedside through video to walk-thru support and prioritize dispatched nurses. 

Operational Efficiencies

Impact the bottom line, while increasing the patient/caregiver experience. Increase operational efficiencies by up to 25%. 

Reduce Windshield & Response Time

Reduce nurse fatigue in driving to/from homes and facilities. Increase response time virtual and prioritize in-person dispatch. 

Bereavement Support

Provide more proactive bedside support to caregivers/family who does not want to leave their loved one's bedside. 

How Telehealth Drives Hospice Efficiencies

Innovative hospice and palliative care technology can drive new referral business while providing better margins. With a strategic vision for the future of senior and virtual care, telehospice can drive operational efficiencies on average of 25%.


Our video telehealth solution for hospice allows caregivers, nurses, and palliative care providers to connect instantly. A simple interface allowing 2-click simplicity from any phone, tablet or computer. It's easy to implement and scale, get started within minutes with an ROI seen in less than 30 days. 

Appeal more to busy caregivers and long term care facilities with instant video support for their plan of care.

Reduce provider and medical director costs. 

Increase staffing ratios virtually with centralized video telehealth case management. 

Prioritize where nurses are dispatched and increase response times. 

Reduce travel time and mileage for "anxiety" calls that can be taken care of without any time wanted.

Telehospice Platform Demo

One Touch Telehealth offers a HIPAA compliant video telehealth solution that makes it easy for you to implement. With no software or hardware needed, add a video telehealth solution to your hospice agency in minutes.

Training with our user experience focused solution makes it easy. We offer a video telehealth solution that requires no hardware, software or CapEx. Get implemented into your hospice agency today. Please contact us for a demo today or to learn more.

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We used telehealth for those patients and families that we knew were very nervous… we knew whether we needed to talk them down from a ledge or... make sure they didn’t fall off the ledge. 

- Carla Braveman, President and CEO | Hospice & Palliative Care Association of New York State

Will Hospice Need to Innovate with the Silver Tsunami?

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