Is The EHR Helping or Hurting Doctor Productivity?

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey speaks with Dr. Mark Weisman. Dr. Weisman is the Chief Medical Information Officer at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Maryland. With over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, Dr. Weisman has developed a passion for improving the way healthcare works and making the lives of our clinicians better through the use of technology.

Listen in as we discuss topics such as:

  • There are advantages and disadvantages of electronic health records. We talk with Dr. Mark Weisman to get the doctor perspective of the EHR, is it helping with patient care or just killing physician productivity? Mark explains how the EHR brings complexity to the doctor’s office. While some doctors are experiencing negative effects such as loss of control, loss of time, and not being comfortable using the technology, there are some positives such as patient experience. The original benefit of the Electronic Health Records implementations were to help doctors to better care for patients with preventive data and action items.

  • In a recent article by Fortune, “Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong” there are some eye-opening statistics such as physician workload increases from EHR, patient deaths from mistakes and how it’s changed healthcare. It further goes over the advantages and disadvantages of electronic health records to highlight what it was originally intended to solve.

  • One of those stats is that the average time a doctor spends with a patient is 11 minutes. After that 11 minute visit, doctors enter around 100 pieces of data. Dr. Weisman speaks to the validity of these statistics and talks about how much time is spent outside of direct patient care doing tasks like entering data points, coordinating care with a pharmacist, and more. 

  • As the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at Peninsula Regional Medical Center, one of Dr. Weisman goals is to increase doctor and nurse effective use of the EHR. Listen in as we talk about how the doctors at Peninsula have a “home-for-dinner program”. One of the ways this is accomplished is through effective training and time allocation in onboarding doctors on how to best use the EHR technology. This helps physicians to start off on the right foot with understanding short cuts, tips and effectiveness of the specific EHR for that hospital. Discover the three lessons that will help to improve the efficiency of your doctors using EHRs. 

  • When new healthcare technology is released, it is presented as improving the patient experience or reducing administrative time but what about the physician experience? How can administrators think about the physician experience when looking at new digital healthcare technologies? Hear more on why healthcare administrators and healthcare IT administrators can do a better job at assessing this physician experience. Hear how innovators in healthcare are recognizing that their most valuable assets are their doctors. Training and focusing on the physician experience can lead to a better patient experience.

  • In the Fortune article, an investigation found that thousands of cases with patient errors have been attributed to the EHR. While there have always been patient errors we talk specifically to the EHR and what factors can lead to a patient error. Some of these factors include over-alerting, UX design, click fatigue and software glitches. How can hospitals and practice groups work to reduce these errors? 

  • Over the next few years, the continued increase in Baby Boomers aging at home, chronic care, retail clinics and telehealth, patients records are spread to more sources than ever? Dr. Weisman talks about how EHR is a piece of the healthcare puzzle.  Currently, patients have little input into their healthcare records and even getting ahold of their healthcare records. In the future, we will see EHRs creating a more unified view of patient data. Weisman believes that patients will own their own health data in the next five years. Managing their own health data.

To read the full Fortune Article “Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong”. For more on Dr. Mark Weisman and Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

To learn more on how to improve the patient experience download the Patient Experience Infographic.

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