Spreading Youth Suicide Prevention, One School at a Time with Clinton Faupel

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast Carrie Chitsey and Daniel Miller speak with RemedyLIVE Co-Founder and Executive Director, Clinton Faupel.  RemedyLIVE is a web based crisis center that provides 24/7 hope and live chat interaction for young adults that are struggling with secret issues in their life. Clinton has been working with youth since 1989 and strives to innovate how institutions can better engage youth and young adults at the core of their wellness needs.

Listen in on topics discussed during this podcast such as: 

  • Why RemedyLIVE was founded 11 years ago and the evolution of using digital and mobile technology to connect to youth struggling with mental health issues.

  • How the simple question of "How are you?" can change a teens life. 

  • Their work in the local community “Get Schooled Tour” where they travel to school campuses and educate about youth mental health to remove the stigma of insolation within teen communities. Hear some eye opening statics from over 240,000 conversations about person mental illness with over 85,000 youth. 

  • Is the increase in youth mental health and suicide due to social media? 

  • Youth mentoring and what’s on the horizon for Soul Mentor in 2019. 

Want to learn more about RemedyLIVE and their Get Schooled Tour

Learn more about Humans Helping Humans and how to incorporate youth mentoring and digital communications into your outreach program.

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