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One Touch Telehealth

One Touch Telehealth is part of the One Touch Brands family of companies.

Email: carrie@onetouchtelehealth.com

Phone: 512-717-9820

Mailing Address: 4412 Spicewood Springs Road Ste. 700

Austin, TX 78759

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Provide Proactive & Convenient Care

Increase patient retention, the value of care and acquire new patient types.

Get Paid For Today’s Unbillable Time

Migrate unbillable phone conversations like provider to provider and after-hours to billable video telehealth.

Create More Work/Life Balance

Increase your productivity by 30%, without additional hours.

5-Minute Training, Learn in 2 Clicks

Our system was built with the physician experience in mind. Begin taking video telehealth appointments in five minutes.



Increase Value of Care

Create more proactive patient engagement, reducing hospitalization.

Attract New Patient Demographics,
Reduce Lost Revenue

Stay competitive with retail clinics, consumer telemedicine mobile apps, and younger demographics who do not have a PCP.

No Physician or IT Disruption

Training in only 2 clicks with no IT resources, hardware, or software. ROI in 30 days or less without long term project timelines.

Increase Revenue,
Reduce Operational Costs

Incorporating into your existing patient process, can increase revenue on average of 20-25% per provider and gain operational efficiencies by up to 30%.


HIPAA Compliant

Secured cloud platform without increasing internal security and management.

No CapEx

No long-term projects, with massive resource allocation, installs and capital approvals for the project.

No Hardware or Software

Limited to no IT support required, no need to manage new servers, equipment or software distribution.

No EHR/EMR Integration Required

No need to integrate into EHR systems, no need to train staff on new technology processes, or allocate integration resources.


-  Judy Gaman, CEO | Executive Medicine of Texas

Working Women’s Patient Experience Demands 

IT Professionals