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One Touch Telehealth

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Telebehavioral Health

What is Telebehavioral Health?

Telebehavioral health is meant to close the gap in accessibility to care. By using video technology, patients can get the behavioral health help they need. We often see patients in rural areas not being able to access quality care. Since 2010, over 100 rural hospitals that have closed. This statistic alone shows you the very necessity of telebehavioral health. Furthermore, 60% of all counties in the US and 80% of rural counties do have a single psychiatrist readily available for patients. Telemental health solutions can ease the strain on emergency services and extend care options for all people seeking treatment. 

Support Hotlines & Admissions

Augment traditional phone and text channels with video chat. Build authentic relationships and gain trust while expanding your geographic reach.

Video Counseling

Reduce no show rates and provide a convenient communication channel for today's digital patient.

Proactive After Care

Reduce readmission rates with a proactive aftercare model that promotes a digital-first continuum of care.

Video Peer-to-Peer Support

Whether sponsors, mentors or volunteers, connect humans seeking positive human interactions, virtually through video chat.

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Traditional vs. New Behavioral Health Treatment Model

When you take a look at today's mental health treatment model, you'll notice that it's broken. Instead of being proactive, we are often times very reactive. Today's patient needs more proactive telebehavioral health care. With the traditional model, we are waiting until a patient has a crisis when we should be actively checking in and making sure that they do not miss their appointments.

TRADITIONAL Behavioral Health Treatment Model



  • Schools/Universities

  • Employee Assistance Programs

  • Regional Clinics/Dr's

  • Online

  • Limited Rural Access



  • Hospitals/ER

  • Doctor Referrals

  • Psychiatry 

  • Clinics

  • Addiction Centers



  • Online Search

  • Call office

  • Web form 

  • Referrals

  • In-Person Appointments



  • Local support groups

  • Therapy Appt's

  • Online chat/text groups

  • Social media

NEW Behavioral Health Treatment Model



  • Instantly video route referrals.

  • Mobile and digital connections vs. paper, web, and phone. 

  • Routing to a video crisis hotline.

  • Video chat peer to peer crisis helps support groups.



  • Video crisis hotlines build instant emotional connections. 

  • Video admission process reduces no-show rates. 

  • Escalation to hospital/ Psychiatry resources via video routing. 


Treatment Program

  • Video counseling expands access to rural areas. 

  • Video peer to peer counseling. 

  • Combine of in-person with video appointments. 

  • Patient preference on communication methods.


Proactive Care

  • On-going video counseling scheduled and on-demand. 

  • Patient convenience and communication preference.

  • Video peer to peer support.

  • Video crisis line reduces readmission. 

Want a more in-depth view of the changing treatment model for behavioral health?

Obstacles to Behavioral Health Treatment

Patients experience many obstacles to behavioral health treatment. These obstacles can be deeply rooted in a patient's culture or be nuisances such as convenience and availability, especially in rural areas. Obstacles such as these cause patients to miss appointments.


At 35%, mental health has the highest no show appointment rate, this results in a $150 billion loss per year for healthcare providers. Telehealth is the solution to closing these gaps in treatment and reducing the no show rate.

Request a demo of our telebehavioral health solution. This telehealth technology will aid in improving patient care, reducing readmission rates, and reducing no show rates. With consumers wanting instant gratification with everything at their fingertips the patient expectations for communication are greater. Implement telehealth today.

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