INFOGRAPHIC: The Driving Forces of Telehealth Adoption During COVID

What You'll Learn in This Infographic:

  • Who is seeing the benefits of telehealth? Patients? Clinicians? Administrators? 

  • The driving growth stats behind telehealth during COVID. What do the numbers mean? 

  • Telehealth claims have increased 4347% nationally, how does that break out by region and service lines? 

  • What are patients across all demographics saying about telehealth? The numbers don't lie. Read up! 

  • Do patients and providers want to use telehealth post-COVID? What are they saying? 

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Top Specialties Using Telehealth

Don't know where to start? Prioritize these specialty areas based on demand, cost savings, use cases, and reimbursement. 

Mental Health

Virtual care solutions allow you to reach more patients and extend into rural areas


Increase patient experience and referrals through convenience and value


New opportunities for partnering with employers, schools and nursing facilities 


Create more interactions with a proactive care model without adding resources

Mental Health

  • Provide access to rural areas, schools and seniors at-home. Reduce the highest no-show rate in the industry. 

Substance Abuse

  • Provide family counseling, a continuum of care, post-treatment facility, and video peer-to-peer support. 


  • After hours and follow up appointments for mothers during pregnancy and with infants.

Women's Health

  • Provide convenience and access as women usually make appointments for spouses/kids before themselves. Digital coaches OBGYN, lactation, diet, etc. 


  • Any provider that is providing services to facilities. Provide a higher level of care while reducing efficiencies. 

Clinic/After Hours

  • Extend hours beyond four walls to billable events. Combat lost revenue to retail clinics, ER and consumer telehealth. 

Chronic Care

  • Proactive chronic care management and follow-ups to prevent ER admissions. 

Home Health/Hospice

  • Reduce social determinants, population health and provider/nurse windshield time. 

Pre - Post Surgical Follow Up 

  • Pre-surgical consults, instructions and post-surgery follow up that do not require physical exams. 

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