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Benefits of Telehealth for ERs

One Touch Telehealth is built to provide emergency departments with a telehealth solution that keeps patients safe and out of the waiting room. How much time is lost consulting with patients who did not need to come in? By implementing a telehealth triage, you will be able to treat the appropriate patients in person or via virtual care. By allowing your channel of choice, patients and providers can connect anywhere, at any time. No mobile apps or hardware needed. As a 100% browser-based telehealth solution, we allow you to add a widget to your website in minutes. With limited training needed, get up and running within a 24-hour turnaround.

Telehealth for Urgent Care Centers

Keeping patients safe is a top concern for urgent care centers across America, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can you keep both patients and employees safe? Transforming your urgent care practice to virtual care can seem challenging. How do you accommodate patients? With our telehealth solution, you can continue to see patients without putting them at risk. We focus on user experience and how to make connections instant and simple. The implementation of telehealth triage can only reduce the number of people in waiting rooms, but also increase operational efficiencies to provide better patient care.

Telehealth Triage

See patients sooner and keep those who need to come in safe. With telehealth, you can make decisions sooner and optimize staff instantly.

Operational Efficiencies

Incorporating into your existing patient process, can increase revenue on average of 20-25% per provider and gain operational efficiencies by up to 30%.

Reduce Waiting Room Time

Stay competitive with retail clinics, consumer telemedicine mobile apps, and younger demographics who do not have a PCP.

No Physician or IT Disruption

Training is only 2 clicks with no IT resources, hardware, or software. ROI in 30 days or less without long term project timelines.


Telehealth is the Future of Virtual Care

With more patients seeking urgent care and emergency rooms in place of primary care physicians, the volume has increased. As many rural area practice groups and specialty doctors start to close, telehealth is a necessity to provide patients with the care that they need. ​ Because of these doctor shortages and long patient wait times, this allows urgent care and emergency rooms to increase their revenue with telehealth. Now, with insurance company adoption, here are some simple ways that telehealth can increase revenue.

  • Patient Triage

  • Provider to Provider Billing

  • Expand Access to Care


As more physicians and patients access telehealth, the barriers of adoption start to fall. Those who have a strategic vision for virtual care can use the benefits of telehealth to increase ROI and operational efficiencies. Don't get left behind. Video telehealth is an appeal to the younger demographic and is their preferred way to communicate. Guide patients to care with telehealth triage with the ease of two clicks.

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