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Provide Proactive Care, Anywhere

Home Dialysis

Manage patient communication, education, and visits for the rising home dialysis population. 

Patient Education

Provide kidney disease education to patients for better outcomes to prevent ESRD. 

Reduce Windshield Time

Augment clinician rotations to see patients hospitalized, in-unit, or facility. 


Proactive Care

Increase billable revenue for after hours and weekends, while reducing hospitalizations. 

Top Telehealth Benefits for Nephrology

Top Technology Features for Nephrology

100% Browser Based Platform

A 100% browser-based platform allows you to connect easily regardless of demographics. No need to turn your clinical staff into senior tech support on downloading mobile applications. Patients can connect right from your website in 2 clicks.

One Touch Text Link

One Touch Text Link allows you to text patients while they are in-unit. With two clicks, you can be videoing with them. No instructions required for nurses, NP's, dietitians, or patients.

Patient Routing System

Our patient routing system allows you to skill your clinicians to patient on-demand. Enable services such as Baxter machine support, diet, referrals, and facility support. Reduce patient hospitalization and keep high-risk patients safe at home.

Physician Experience

Our top physician experience platforms allow you not to be tethered to a computer for the nephrologist on the go. Access the portal from your browser on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Receive text alerts when your patient enters the waiting room.

Watch our On Demand Demo

One Touch Telehealth offers a top provider experience for nephrologists. With a 100% browser-based solution, this makes it easy for you to implement. No software or hardware is needed.


Add our telehealth web widget to your nephrology practice's website in minutes. Let us show you!


​Patient care is critical when caring for someone with chronic kidney disease (CKD)​. Implementing a telehealth program that allows you to continue to meet face to face without long-distance travel is critical. Connect with patients in real-time.


Get a tour of how telemedicine for dialysis practices can work. Click. Click. Connect. Anytime, anywhere. Contact us for a demo.

Knowledge Knugget:

Telehealth for Nephrology

Renal care practices across the country have implemented telehealth a faster rate than ever before. With increase adoption across the board, telehealth is here to stay. The benefits of telemedicine in nephrology are aplenty. From diet consults to machine support, telehealth provides a patient experience that can't be matched.


Looking at the future of telehealth in nephrology, this is just the beginning. We will see nephrologist moving to a hybrid model to provide proactive care to renal patients. With the ability to connect in two clicks, patient and provider experience is top of mine.


Convenience for patients is vital, and that is evident. Patients are commenting on how convenient telehealth is. With the bill that the presidential administration passed about home dialysis in 2025, this is a much-needed push for the industry.

Proactive Patient Care

With chronic kidney disease, you have an aged patient population that needs to be kept safe. Patients are still going to need to go to dialysis three times a week, so how do you connect with them while maintaining both physicians and the patient safe?

With telehealth appointments, nephrologists can have monthly visits while the patient is sitting there for four-plus hours for treatment. This is a great way to reach out to renal patients and have more proactive care.

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