Telepharmacy Solutions

What is Telepharmacy?

Telepharmacy is the counseling, training, or management of patient communications needs through video chat. This allows pharmacists to deepen relationships while providing more proactive care with patients, caregivers, and/or medical staff. With advancements in digital technology, no longer does telepharmacy have to be only for large pharmacy organizations. Video telepharmacy is now affordable down to independent pharmacies or consulting pharmacists.

Learn more about how telepharmacy can improve patient experience and increase efficiency by 25% while reducing pharmacist fatigue. Let us show you how to transform your pharmacy from a transaction model to a wellness model.

Expand Delivery Sites and Virtual Care

Extend the digital experience regardless of where the consumer is located.

Transaction to Wellness Model

Deepen patient relationships and proactive care.

Virtual Pharmacist Access

Optimize across locations and extend into the home or facility.

Increase Revenue & Efficiencies

Pharmacist experience = patient experience.


Affordable Telepharmacy Solutions for Any Pharmacy Size

No hardware required!


No Hardware Required

With access to the internet and webcam, patients can use their own computer.


No Hardware Required

With access to the internet and webcam, patients/caregivers can use their own mobile phone.


Put on counter, behind a door, or in the aisle. Provide to facilities to expand reach. 


Add to your retail experience with a virtual telehealth clinic. Limited real estate required. 

Transforming Pharmacies From A Transactional Model to a Wellness Model


Pharmacist's Care Delivery


-Adherence Appointments

-Video Telepharmacy


Wellness Coaches


-Chronic Conditions



-Community Education

Proactive Care/Clinic

-Exam/Education Room

-Video Telehealth Kiosks

-Remote Telepharmacists

-Focus on Wellness Coaches



-Wellness Info

-Product Advice

-Medical Equipment


Engaging Patients in the Pharmacy

Create a Destination

Engage & Empower

Educate & Coach


Transforming the Role of the Pharmacist

Better utilize pharmacists for proactive patient care and higher margin services.


Patient Wait Times

Generational Gaps and Service Expectations

One On One Consults

Handling Consults

Inability to market effectively and compete with larger chains

Demands on Pharmacists' Time


Digital Signage + Telepharmacy

Digital “Everything”

Virtual Pharmacist

Focus on Higher Margin Opportunities

Forming Patient Relationships Beyond Scripts

Digital Health Coaches

Virtual Pharmacy




At Home


Caregiver Support

Rural Shortage Support

Ways to Extend Virtual Care Integration Beyond the Storefront

Hospice/LTC Facilities

Virtual Pharmacist

Device & Medicine Delivery

Nutrition & Chronic Condition Training 

Employers/Retail Clinics

Device & Medicine Delivery

Nurse Support

Chronic Condition & MTM


Regardless of real estate space, we allow a channel of choice connectivity, with or without hardware. Whether in store, around town, or at home.

Our video telepharmacy solution can be added to your pharmacy website in 2 minutes. With our 2-click simplicity, allow your customers to use their mobile device or computer to have a video consult with a pharmacist.

No need to spend hours training your pharmacy staff because our platform was designed with medical staff in mind. Learn how to use our system with 2 clicks = 5 minutes of training.

Increase revenue with add-on services such as nutrition consults, medication therapy management, or adherence training which can all now be done virtually through one-to-one video conversations.

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One Touch Telehealth's goal is to empower pharmacies to extend access to care, increase revenue, and retain consumer relationships. You can also provide more work/life balance for your pharmacists with operational efficiencies leveraged by digital technology. All while still maintaining customer face to face relationships.

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