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Virtual Primary Care

Telehealth for Physicians

Proactive Care

Implementing telehealth in primary care allows you to create more proactive touchpoints with chronic care patients. This value of care enables you to enhance care plans.

Provider to Provider Consults

Speed up communication with other clinicians to optimize practice workflow across locations, at home, or in a clinic.

Acquiring New Patients

Increase billable revenue, on average, $150K a provider per year. Stop losing patients to consumer telehealth and retail clinics.


Operational Efficiencies

Free up the waiting room for more complex and high revenue billable appointments moving routine follow-ups and certain appointment types to telehealth.

Why Telehealth for Primary Care

Tech Benefits for Primary Care

No IT Required

No need to worry about needing IT staff or capital expenditures to implement. No hardware, software, or technical resources required.

Mobile Portal Access

Designed for the doctor on the go, take patient appointments, or after-hours video calls from your mobile device without downloading any mobile apps. Keep your cell phone number private with our Instalinks or text messaging.

White Labeled Patient Experience

Make your practice look innovative with everything patient-facing white labeled. Our 2-click simplicity helps you managed the patient journey, delivering the optimal patient experience.

Instant Survey Feedback

Want to know your video satisfaction score? Our configurable survey feature allows providers to capture feedback from their patients and employees post-video call. Instantly see which patients want to use telehealth again, our data shows it's 96%+.

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Primary Care Telehealth Features

Primary care physicians should be looking at ways to improve the patient experience to stay competitive. With three ways to connect, we make instant face to face video consults and appointments easy. Patient care doesn't have to have roadblocks. It is a cost-effective solution that is HIPAA compliant and allows you to keep that ongoing relationship with patients.


Virtual care is the future, and our platform allows you to offer this communication channel to your patients. Telehealth is beyond just patient appointments; it enables provider-to-provider consults, remote medical director of facility opportunities, and much more. 

Patient Routing System


Our video skill-based routing allows you to bill for after-hours, weekends, and even create virtual visit clinics. No more lost revenue to retail clinics and telemedicine visit apps. If given a choice, patients prefer video telehealth with their provider network. We've made it affordable to have your own branded telehealth solution.


Implement in less than 24 Hours


We've built the platform with the physician experience in mind. Train physicians in 3 minutes or less; you only need to learn two clicks. You can also conduct provider to provider telehealth, 2-click simplicity or our "text a link" functionality.

Telehealth is the Future of Virtual Primary Care

Are you losing patients to urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, and consumer-facing telehealth applications? With many rural area hospitals and practice groups closing, patients are finding the next best option. Having your telehealth platform provides better access to care for patients, but it also helps you bring in new patients.


We sit behind the scenes and make you look great. A fully branded and customizable platform puts you in the driving seat. Because of these doctor shortages and long patient wait times, you can attract and retain patients with simple telehealth.

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Why One Touch Telehealth?

HIPAA Compliant | 100% Browser-Based | No CapEx, Limited IT 

No EHR integration | 5-minute or less training 

  • 2-Click Simplicity (Patient and Provider)

  • No App Downloads or Third-Party Plugins

  • White Labeled To Your Website < 5 Mins 

  • 1:1 or 1:Many Skilled-Routing 

The need to implement a telehealth solution and reduce the use of waiting rooms is paramount for most, if not all practice groups, pharmacies, health systems, and hospitals. With our telehealth platform, we allow you to get up and running in as little as 48-hours.

With 2-click simplicity, we kept the patient experience and physicians' experience at top of mind. There are no 3rd party app downloads needed! We save private practices the time of playing technical support and missing out on valuable time with patients. Giving you the ability to scale is important. 

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