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One Touch Telehealth

One Touch Telehealth is part of the One Touch Brands family of companies.

Email: carrie@onetouchtelehealth.com

Phone: 512-717-9820

Mailing Address: 4412 Spicewood Springs Road Ste. 700

Austin, TX 78759

Telehealth Webinars

Telepharmacy: The Move from Transaction to Wellness

Presented by:

American Society of Consulting Pharmacists

One Touch Telehealth

  • Healthcare trends that are driving pharmacy and telehealth innovation

  • The move from a retroactive, fee-for-service to a proactive, value-based care model

  • Billable codes to provide reimbursement for services

  • The role of telepharmacy to extend services to home care and facility settings

  • Fatigue, burnout culture and reducing windshield time

  • The future pharmacist-patient relationship in this new model

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Telehealth 101

Video telehealth has emerged as an essential component in achieving the “triple aim” of extending access to medical care, improving the quality of care, and lowering costs. Learn not only the revenue side but operational use cases, but also what to be thinking about before rolling out video telehealth services.


The traditional model of substance abuse and mental health needs work. It's time to think creatively and find innovative ways to reduce relapse rates and readmission. Learn how video chat and video telehealth create emotional connections, and engage beyond the treatment facility to patients and family members.

- Judy Gaman, CEO | Executive Medicine of Texas

Working Women’s Patient Experience Demands