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One Touch Telehealth

One Touch Telehealth is part of the One Touch Brands family of companies.

Email: carrie@onetouchtelehealth.com

Phone: 512-717-9820

Mailing Address: 4412 Spicewood Springs Road Ste. 700

Austin, TX 78759

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One Touch Telehealth White Papers & eBooks

The Pros & Cons of Telemedicine

Our telehealth white paper explores the pros and cons of telehealth as it relates to different healthcare provider types and sizes. 


The definition of telemedicine varies dramatically by different types of healthcare professionals. For the most part, it can be interchanged with the term telehealth. This telehealth white paper aims to help with the understanding of what it means to individual practitioners, practice groups, or hospitals.

We also outline the drivers of telemedicine usage and patients' selection criteria for new healthcare providers.

And much more!

White Paper

Telemental Health & The Impact on the Future of Behavioral Health 

Our white paper gives an in-depth view of the current state of behavioral health. In fact, a new term has emerged to describe the future of behavioral health, patient care, and technology: telemental health. 

How can we fix the treatment model of today with technology to reach the patient of the future?

White Paper


Telehealth eBook

Looking for a fast rundown of Telehealth?

This Telehealth eBook gives areas of opportunity for fast telehealth implementation and growth. Attract and retain new patients in specialty areas. Expand current operations by providing exemplary customer experience.

Our eBook also gives 8 telemedicine implementation tips to form your own roadmap.


One Touch Telehealth Product Sheet

How does our HIPAA compliant telehealth solution work? Download this eBook to understand why our telehealth platform is different from anything you've seen before. 


Within this eBook, you will find more information on how One Touch Telehealth empowers healthcare providers with their own branded telehealth solution. Learn more about how it works both from the patient experience and the provider experience perspective.​


Pharmacy eBook

Would you like to learn more information on Telehealth for Pharmacy?

Our eBook gives a primer on the applications of tele-pharmacy. Attract and retain new patients in an increasingly important pharmacy space. The future of pharmacy is as a health hub.